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Diverse Voices Workshop: The First Nations principles of OCAP®

October 6 | 10:00am – 12:00pm MT

October 7 | 10:00am – 12:00pm MT

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The First Nations principles of OCAP® offer a framework for how First Nations’ data and information should be collected, protected, used, and shared. Standing for ownership, control, access, and possession, OCAP® is a tool to support strong information governance on the path to First Nations data sovereignty.

Using historical and current research and data management issues, this workshop will take a deep dive into First Nations principles of OCAP® and First Nations data sovereignty, and will discuss the importance of each. This workshop provides real examples and practical ways to incorporate OCAP® principles into evaluation. This 4-hour workshop will be held over 2 days in 2-hour sessions.


Kristine Neglia is the Manager, OCAP® & Information Governance with the First Nations Information Governance Centre. Responsible for education and training activities, Kristine supports First Nations, Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations increase their knowledge and skills related to OCAP®, Information Governance, and First Nations Data Sovereignty.

Kristine has worked for Indigenous organizations at the local, provincial, and national levels in diverse areas such as housing, health, and community wellness, and is a volunteer Director for a local organization in the City of Ottawa.

An Anishnaabe Kwe of the Curve Lake First Nation, Kristine is always excited to speak about the First Nations Principles of OCAP®.


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Maximum Participants = 25

Note – If we do not reach our minimum number of participants for this session, it will be cancelled and refunds will be issued.

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